waiting patiently for the fan. (twiddles thumbs)

flickr has new pictures.

wow. this seems really compliated. i'm not saying that to detract or challenge, it's just an observation. by an outsider.

are you having to uptake a lot of physics as wel to make this work? or is hovering more easily done than i'm guessing?

BTW, I know this is 110% off topic, but have you read anything about Steorn? It might be pseudoscience, who knows. But I thought you'd be interested. Just don't let it distract you too much from your own project. I've been totally sidetracked by reading about it.
You should also know about this hover scooter.
Thanks for the comments, Andrew. I'm sorry to continue to keep you and the other folks who keep up with me in the dark. I've just wanted to make sure this thing is going to work (which I'm about 98% sure it will) before divulging too much information. I figured the pictures on flickr might provide some more teasers into what has been going on these past few weeks.. I hope to sit down soon and write what I have been working on and where I'm going with it.

And thank you for the links. Just curious but why did Steorn come to mind? I'm not familiar with them.

Hope all is well!
I've taken a look at the Steorn company. Interesting stuff - hoax or not!
Steorn came up in an article I read recently. I can't say where it was. But it occupied a good number of my curious hours online.

I'm looking forward to seeing where your project goes....
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