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Below is a list of comments made during my review. I'll add the past two days of reviews have been some of the most amazing critical experiences to date I have been a part of. The discussion and critical feedback offered to everyone was not only insightful but honest. I'll also ,the work commanded such a response. It is by far some of the most exciting and compelling work I've witnessed in my year and a half at Cranbrook.

Wednesday December 13, 2006

My review notes from end of the semester reviews.

With regard to obsolete spaces for specific object, Brookes gave an example of houses designed in the 50's or 60's (?) that had built in cabinets for a specific TV. She said that in some cases when the family bought a new TV or the current one broke, the cavity became useless.

The tool belt is an example of an object that has places for specific tools but any brand or many different variations of that tool can still fit.

Bill mentioned that one thing that is constant with the piece is the potential that it is never used without people. He went on to say that it is the "opposite of compartmentalizing people".

The cart can be a "time bomb" that goes off from time to time. Social nature.

Social device

Spectacle. " An elephant walking into the room."

The cart can "alter the life of the party" in some way.

What is it going to offer to the atmosphere?

Creating a ritual of adding something to the party.

Could it be invisible until the act of opening it up; then once open become invisible?

When people interact with it, the event becomes special.

Accentuating the preconceived notions of serving.

Removing all familiarity and replacing it with something new.

Fixed program.

"here's the bar, now it's gone."

Doug mentioned a wall of speakers that Tom Sachs constructed. He said it was enormous with almost 20 speakers in various sizes. He said on the side of the piece, hanging autonomously, was a fire axe. This potentially can change the entire narrative of the project, the introduction of an independent object or device (humor?, uneasiness?, release?). There could be something like this on the cart, an object that transforms the immediate perception of the object.

Respond to my previous work.

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