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For the end of semester reviews, we were asked to compose an "artist statement". I use quotes because it did not have to be a specific statement about our work but could also be a statement about our project, projections, findings in the work, goals, etc. The statements were printed and given to the two "crit leads" and Bill. The crit leads were to facilitate discussion, ask questions, etc. Marty and Leon lead my review. Below is my statement.

Organizing my work space before starting a project allows me to cleanse my thoughts. If my physical space is a mess, my thoughts will reflect that state. Not only does this literally provide me with a clean slate, it also ensures that when I need a specific tool everything is where it should be. This communion of tools and space enables me to work without pause.

The objects I have most recently created grew out of this tendency, this need for an organized environment.

I have created a series of small wooden boxes; each a custom-made home for an individual tool. Beyond functionality, these vessels lend respect to the objects they house. Their design and creation furthers my exploration of process, craft, joinery, storage and ritual.

Recently I was given the opportunity to design and build a functional, mobile artifice for the Cranbrook Museum. The hope is to explore the poetics of organization and the ritual of use. When complete, it will provide an efficient service platform from which to serve food and drinks during museum exhibitions and social functions.

Over the last few weeks, I have sought funding for my project and just recently secured a generous donation. I have also been collaborating with the director of the museum to identify the locations of the piece and various ways in which it will function. I have also been collecting insight from various Cranbrook administrators about other potential uses for the piece. Additionally, I am consulting with catering and event planning experts to learn more about what specific service pieces and other objects the cart will need to house.

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