Project Thoughts (Ongoing additions)

Here are a few thoughts on the cart project. Good, bad or just down right silly, I plan on keeping all of them in this post and continually adding them at the end. As always comments are welcome!

A see-saw: the patron sits on one end pushing the bartender up high enough to grab a glass or bottle of something.

A commentary on McDonald's "over 60 billion served" - have a display that tallies up each drink that has been served from the cart.

At all times there is the ability to serve a margarita or some other "exotic" drink.

A vending machine.

A corridor is constructed so that one or two patrons can enter. There are two walls and possibly a ceiling above. Within the walls are small holes from which to pass the patrons hand. The patron can either push a button or speak through another opening approximately head height and order a drink.

All tops, caps, corks, etc are removed and collected in a central container and kept stored for the lifespan of the cart.

Purchase a hot-wire glass cutter. When someone is done with a bottle of beer or a bottle of wine, a server cuts the bottle creating a glass. The glass can either be given to the patron or stored within the cart for future use. Note: the top of the bottle will need to be sanded.

The waste from the cart is inserted and stored somewhere on the cart, ie, bottles, etc.

All glass material once used is crushed into small pieces and inserted somewhere.

Tether food and drinks to the cart - a possible length determiner would be the distance to the "gallery opening" preventing anyone from taking food and drinks into the gallery.

Turn style

Commentary on craft - shaker to laser cutting technology.

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