Meeting with Allison

Friday December 15, 2006
Meeting with Allison Mitchell, Event Coordinator of Chartwells Catering

Allison and I met at 11am. Since Allison coordinates all of the Chartwell catered events on campus, I wanted to pick her brain regarding the specifics of these events. What types of food and drinks are served and for what types of events as well as what preparation is done for the events.

Allison said that Chartwell has a list of "potential items needed" for all sorts of event types. Before planning an event, the appropriate list is reviewed and each item that is needed is checked so it can be gathered and will be present for the event. She said that she will email me the event item lists on Monday.

Allison said one of the biggest challenges when planning an event is getting tables and other required serving platforms because they usually have to obtain these items from various parts of the campus. Sometimes these items are not returned promptly or are "missing" from their usual locations. She said the assurance of always having a "ready-made" service area would make their life easier.

Allison said that Kim, the Banquet manager and Marie, the Banquet Captain could also be an invaluable resource for information.

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