Meeting with Bob

December 8, 2006
Meeting with Bob Yares, Event Coordinator of Cranbrook Academy of Art

Bob and I met at 3pm in my studio. I wanted to talk to Bob about the functions that happen on the Cranbrook campus, specifically ones that will utilize the cart.

Bob suggested that there should be an insulated area in the cart to provide a space to put both (but obviously not at the same time) hot and cold food for serving. Hot food might be hot plates or appetizers heated up in another location and then put into the insulation cavity to stay warm. The cavity could also hold ice or other items that need to stay cold.

Bob said that Board meetings might utilize the cart for before or after drinks.

Bob mentioned that there are many business meetings that are held in the DeSalle auditorium during the summer months. He said that the cart could be used on the landing to the right of the auditorium. There also might be brunch served in the Forum Gallery for other events. He said that there might be occasions where coffee or tea is served after a lecture or symposium. There are also small receptions or committee meetings held that might utilize the cart. (*verify what meetings and how many people)

Bob suggested that wine might be poured and served from decanters during events. This way the cart can permanently hold several specific sized decanters.

Bob said that there is a Governors meeting in DeSalle auditorium either every month or four times a year. Coffee and tea are on hand but mainly water is served. There might be 30-40 people at these meetings. (*verify)

Bob said that the majority of food that is served at these events are orduerves such as cheese or fruit platters. Tongs or toothpicks could be used by patrons to serve themselves.

There are about 800-900 people who attend the second year Degree Show opening. Fanfare usually has between 200 and 250 people.

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