Tuesday Meeting with Greg

Tuesday, November 27, 2006

Greg and I met at 11am. We wanted to walk through the museum and cover where the cart will be stored as well as where the cart might be deployed during museum functions. We also wanted to go over a preliminary list of services the cart will provide. I will be responsible for researching each service to determine how many people the cart will need to accommodate as well as what temporary or permanent supplies the cart will need to store.

The cart will be stored in a downstairs area just adjacent the museum's main service elevator when not in use. There is a low concrete beam that should be measured because it appears to be the lowest point where the cart will need to travel. When deployed, the cart will need to roll into the service elevator and exit into the Center Gallery space.

Greg said that he would like to eventually turn the Center Gallery into a transition point or hub where both food and drinks can be served during exhibit openings. He hopes this area might one day house a site specific art installation piece by an artist such as Sol Lewitt. The Central Gallery might be the "main" station point for the cart.

Greg would also like the cart to be able to move into Wainger Gallery. The passage from the South Gallery into the Wainger Gallery is very narrow and needs to be measured. This would probably be the better passage as the other route is through the new studios building catwalk. The door leading to the catwalk is very narrow and has a lever door handle that would require the cart to be no more than 28" wide. Once in Wainger Gallery the cart can be wheeled through the double doors and into the new studio building's elevator. This elevator can take the cart to the ground floor. There it can be utilized during Forum Gallery exhibitions.

During weekday morning, Greg said that he would like to welcome the parents of Cranbrook School students to the museum for coffee and a museum tour/talk. He would like the cart to be deployed to the right side of the Main Gallery entrance and set up to provide coffee for the visitors. There might be around 25 people attending.

The cart should also be able to roll out of the museum's front doors onto the peristyle and set up for service. The front doors and steps should be measured. There is currently a removable handicap access ramp installed on the steps. The ramp should be examined to allow for easy access up and down the ramp.

From the storage area, the cart should be able to roll into the Network Gallery, DeSalle Gallery and finally into DeSalle Auditorium. All of these areas should be measured to make sure the cart can easily pass. There it will be deployed on the right hand mezzanine level overlooking the auditorium seats. In a discussion with Mike Paradise later today, he mentioned that during the summer break companies like to use the auditorium for informational seminars. During these seminars, the companies might want to hand out literature before or after their presentation. The cart could be utilized as a place for this service. Verify with Greg if this might be an additional service the cart can provide.

Greg will look into getting drawings of the museum.

From the drawings, I hope to obtain overall dimensions of the interior spaces of the museum. I will verify dimensions that may affect the path of the cart from the storage area to the sites in which the cart will be deployed. This will allow me to determine the maximum dimensions of the cart. At this point, I will build a quick full size mock-up of the cart. This mock-up will be on casters and able to roll to the museum and around to the various station points verifying it can fit through all of the passages and openings.

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