Thursday November 9 List

To do:

call Dee
call Dad
call Martin (harass)
call Betsy
mail insurance claim
write letters
finish gifts
set up meeting with Gerhardt
talk to Kathy about loan
call Rick at UBS
wash twyla and shalek
email Greg and set up meeting to do museum walk through
buy 1/4" plywood - how many sheets?
photo project of adjacent area of Matt and Thomas' site
Rent car for LA
Toys for Tots
email Joel
tell physical therapist about shoulder
cancel appointment at Detroit Receiving
get schedule for photo crits
make more sanding blocks
go to Home Depot
go to Glenn Wing and buy handle for table saw guide
sharpen table saw blade
measure museum doors, entrance, freight elevator
call Kirk at McCausey lumber
talk to someone in photo about getting a roll of good photo paper
missing respirator mask - send email
email Debbie and Marsha
make more boxes
make list of materials for cart

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